Car Free Chichester First Meeting on the 28th Jan

There was much to discuss at our first meeting which was held in the Park Tavern.
Photo of the Park Tavern

We considered what a car free day should look like in Chichester and concluded the event should be a positive celebration of community not just a day without cars. We all agreed this was the correct approach and we all wanted the event to have the feel of a street party.
Sarah Sharp (a Chichester green City Councillor) said she had received a response from Chichester District Council that was negative towards the Car Free Day proposal because of the potential loss of revenue from the inner city car parks. It was suggested the combined revenue from Baffin’s lane and Little London car parks could not amount to much because they only hold a few dozen car park spaces each. We decided collectivity that if the local authorities refused to stage a car free event in 2019 then we would stage our own colourful, positive, lively event as a protest demonstration over inaction towards impending environmental crisis. The draft minutes of the meeting are available here.

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