Car Free Day event announced in Local Papers

The Chichester Post and Chichester Observer have announced Chichester Car Free Sunday is taking place.

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The Chichester Post reports that—

Chichester Mayor, Cllr Richard Plowman, did not feel the idea of a car- free day was very practical. He said: “As a way to highlight as a protest that we need to move to much more sustainable means of transport, walk and cycle more, then I think it is a good thing, given we have declared a climate change emergency in Chichester. “As a measure to stop cars altogether coming into Chichester, it is not practical. “For example, many workers rely heavily on cars for getting to work with no alternative so the businesses open on Sunday would suffer. “Many people live within the city walls and when suggested previously they gave good reasons such as the need to get to hospital in an emergency or regular daily care needs. “A move to make the city centre free from fossil fuel powered vehicles including delivery vehicles with good cycle and pedestrian routes is high on the agenda in the neighbourhood plan.”

We respectfully disagree with  Richard Plowman about the impracticability of car free days in the city. It is not clear why so many workers in the city have “no alternative” to using their cars! There is a convenient station, bus service and some good cycle routes already available for workers to commute into our city.

Chichester Car Free Campaign want to see our city become a place where workers are not forced to rely heavily on cars because other modes of transport have been made more convenient.

For city workers who cannot find an alternative to arriving in the city by car, there is nearby Avenue de Chartres multi story carpark that is empty on Sundays

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