Chichester City Council Suggested Car Free Day Initiative Should be Trialled as an Experiment

Chichester City Council Community Affairs Committee met on Monday 21st January 2019. For reasons that are still unclear to me the meeting minutes start at point 45. CAR FREE DAY was discussed as point 54. It would have been surprising if the Council had immediately committed to implement regular monthly Car Free Sundays. Indeed, it is a remarkable success that the  Council said they wish to trial the idea for a day! When this opportunity arises CFCC will do everything in it’s powers to make the day a success and then lobby for it to become a regular event after that.
Council Offices in North St

Below is an extract copied directly from the Council Minutes (the full minutes can be viewed here).

“54 CAR FREE DAY Council Minute 51 refers The Town Clerk advised that following the Council Meeting in December 2018, when this matter was raised by a member of the public, he had contacted West Sussex County Council and Chichester District Council and BID. The response from the Chief Executive of Chichester District Council, who had spoken to the County Council Chief Executive on this matter, was not supported. The view of BID was favourable. Members were disappointed with the response as the District Council’s ‘Chichester Vision’ document included alternative travelling methods and felt that it was the decision of District Council and County Council Members collectively, on whether such a scheme was viable. The Committee discussed the advantages and disadvantages of having a Car Free Day each month, on a Sunday, and suggested that such an initiative should be trialled for 1 day as an experiment. The Town Clerk was commended for the actions he had already taken and was asked to write again to the Leaders of Chichester District Council and West Sussex County Council suggesting a one day trial, on a Sunday, be considered.”

I see this as brilliant news and it now seems a Car Free Day in Chichester could  become (or is even likely to become) a reality in the near future!

Mark Record

One thought on “Chichester City Council Suggested Car Free Day Initiative Should be Trialled as an Experiment”

  1. This is a positive and I agree we need to build on this.

    There are of course objectors. It was stated that 90% of traffic comes into Chichester by car BUT this fact is actually wrong. WSCC has confirmed that this figure is much lower. The data they have is based on 2011 census of how people commute to work. I don’t think there is data about how many people come into Chichester to shop by car or other means.

    We need to remember that health concerns about pollution are rising and we all know more about the risks from exhaust fumes than we used to.

    It is a bit like smoking. Now we know the dangers, shouldn’t we put our health first?

    We hope you will join us in supporting a Car Free Day for Chichester Campaign.

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