City council divided over Chichester Car Free Day

Chichester City Council discussed the Car Free Day proposal on Wednesday the 24th April 2019. Unfortunately the councillors were divided on the idea. Cllr Sarah Sharp (Green) firmly supported the proposal and highlighted community engagement and committent to the event.  Cllr Martin Bell (Con) said: “I think we need more research done on this but a car-free day could potentially bring you more business.” However Cllr Richard Plowman believed that Chichester business is inextricably reliant on motor car dependency and that “this is very impractical thing and in view of what is happening in Chichester, there should be nothing that gets in the way of supporting our economy and a Sunday economy in Chichester is important we know that”.

Car Free Campaigners in front of Cathedral with Ken's logo
Car Free Campaigners in front of Cathedral with Ken’s logo

Car Free Day supporters remain optimistic.  We believe that a few hours spent once a year favouring alternatives to motor car dependency might bring people into our City and invigorate Sunday life in the town centre.

To read more about this story follow this link in the Chichester Post.

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