University Dancers Ready to Perform on Car Free Day and the Cathedral Already has their Lunch Waiting

Dance students are now lined up to make a dramatic street performance on car free day and Sarah Sharp & Mark Record (from the Chichester Car Free Campaign) also had a productive meeting with the Cathedral’s Communar David Coulthard.
Chichester Cathedral
David was positive about our ideas and believed we would be able to hold the event without causing the Cathedral significant difficulties. We reassured him that during the event the intention was merely to restrict traffic along South St   rather than it to be prohibited . Provision will be made so that residents along Cathedral Close can leave and return from their residence with motor-vehicles but will need to keep to a 5mph limit within the event space for safety reasons. David very kindly offered that the Cathedral could provide the University dance team with lunch in the Cloisters restaurant. We are pleased that constructive community cooperation is already beginning to form around the event.

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