Documents and Resources

PDF format information sheet for promoting car free day event to local groups.

Air Quality Challenges across Sussex presentation presented by Simon Ballard (CDC Senior Environmental Protection Officer) in PDF format

Letters to residents BlankStNorthSt, SouthSt requesting help with applying for Playing Out Order.

Hackney Play Streets

Power point For Pallant Residents

CDC Playing out order application details

Rachel Aldred’s study into effect of Mini-Hollands

The British Cycling Economy

District Council list of Schools in Chichester Area

Evidence showing that promotion of walking and cycling plus a reduction in motor vehicle traffic, results in economic benefit
Do we understand road traffic well enough to justify high levels of investment in roads?By Dr Andy Cope, 23 April 2019. &
The value of cycling: rapid evidence review of the economic benefits of cycling
Also see ChyCycle Resource Page

March 2019 Leaflets with different copies for public & businesses

Kens Leaf Logo SVG Files March 4th 2019

Philip Maber’s google doc Draft minutes and links

Draft minutes from first Car Free Chichester Campaign meeting on 28th Jan 2019

PDF Petition . ODS Format Petition. Petition Forms for collecting support signatures on paper. If possible persuade people to enter  their details using the on line sign-up facility if either you or they have a device handy with an internet connection. Best printed double sided to save paper.