Volunteers eager for Reinstatement of Chichester’s Play Street Licence

Midday Saturday 14th Sep organisers of Chichesters Playing Out event were being positive about the chances of their street order/licence being reinstated. If organisers are successful in getting the licence reinstated, then there is a good chance the Playing Out event will still take place! The event is aimed at allowing children and families to play in South Street while through traffic is restricted.

If the event is still able to run at such short notice we may not be able to provide all the engaging activities we originally hoped for and planned. However, we feel it will remain a great family experience that Chichester’s residents and surrounding community will thoroughly enjoy.

Carley Sitwell, Debbie Carter, Helen Cato and Ping Jiang, showing off toys they will bring to the Playing Out in Chichester on Car Free Sunday event on the 22nd September. They hope Chichester District Council will allow this event to take place.

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