Everyone can Enjoy a Monthly Car Free Sunday in Chichester!

On Wednesday 5th Dec 2018 at the city council meeting in North Street I raised a question. I asked if it would be possible to hold a day free from motor vehicles, within our city’s walls, on the first Sunday of each month. The idea appeared remarkably well received by the council. However even our councillors seem unsure how the idea could be progressed.

Climate change represents an immediate threat to humanity and we should all bear a responsibility to do all we can to move towards a more sustainable way of life. Organising a car free day in the centre of Chichester sounds like a challenging endeavour but represents only a single minute step towards avoiding climate catastrophe.

I believe there are great potential social benefits that we can realise if we free our streets of traffic. We could enjoy our streets as:

  • Family friendly spaces inclusive to those of all ages
  • Places that feel welcoming to disabled residents.
  • Arenas for street theatre
  • Stages for musical performance
  • Convenient places to sit outside patisseries and coffee shops
  • Bustling market areas
  • Clean air spaces

However, could even this modest aspiration for a car free day be realised in our culture so intensely dependent on fossil fuel and motor vehicle use? To be honest I don’t know! So I’m going to recruit all the help I can from our local community! I am hoping to make this website interactive so our community can use it to share ideas. I also intend to campaign on our cities streets to encourage support for this idea.

So watch this space for upcoming ideas and opportunities to get involved. Together we can make something big happen in our city and we may enjoy a lot of fun as we achieve it.

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