How we’ll Coach young people in using Car Free Travel.

Stagecoach bus company have volunteered to provide a whole bus/coach as a static attraction for Chichester Car Free Day. The intention is it will help advertise car free day and promote use of local busses as an alternative to private car use. We’ll be able to reprogram the destination board on the front, to display names, so families can enjoy being photographed with the bus or even with kids in the driving seat. Stage coach are also going to provide a prize of a family day rover bus ticket as a competition prize to promote Chichester Car Free Day.
StageCoach number 60 - Bognor Regis

Sarah Sharp and Mark Record from the Car Free Chichester Campaign had a very productive meeting with Mike Armitage the operations Manager for Stagecoach in Chichester. We met up at the bus depot at lunchtime on the 11th March.

Unfortunately we discovered that it’s difficult to re-route busses in a loop around the back of the old Army and Navy shop via, Tower St, The Woolstaplers & Chapel St. We had previously hoped this would allow us to divert busses from South St on car free day. Mike pointed out that this re-route was to be avoided as the busses could not turn around the corners without mounting the pavements. However he suggested the possibility of putting a 5 MPH speed limit on the busses for Car Free Day to allow safer use of the roadway in south street. There is also an option that the busses could all travel in the same direction entirely freeing up one side of the carriageway. These appear realistic options that would allow public use of south street for a Car Free  event.

Stagecoach have also offered to display posters advertising a Chichester Car Free Day and we even discussed options for putting an advert on the side or back of a bus.


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  1. The key thing is that buses are part of the solution and provide one of the best and most convenient ways out of congestion.
    It is great that Stagecoach is so willing to get involved in the day.

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