I’m a Concerned Resident. How will Car Free Day affect me?

Chichester Car Free Day campaigners hope the main impact of the Car Free event will be that residents enjoy a fun local event while having cleaner air to breath.

Playing out on the street

If you do live in a location where your property can only be accessed in a car by driving through the event, provision will be made allowing you to do this. You will be permitted to access or leave your property but must not exceed 5 MPH and remain guided by a traffic Marshal while driving. We hope people will get into the spirit of the event and attempt to minimise motor vehicle use but we realise some journeys may be required to cater for disabled residents and visiting medical workers.

Several residents have expressed concerns over potential inconvenience to their travel plans. Chichester Car Free Day campaigners cannot promise there will be no inconvenience caused but it is our intention to keep any inconvenience to  an absolute minimum. We are aiming at creating an inclusive event  that people will wish to repeat in the future.

The Chichester District Council may impose a fine of up to £1000 on people who deliberately do not comply with the street order and transit the street in motor vehicles without a legitimate need to do so. 

A copy of the street order may be accessed here

A map of the area covered by the street closure is available here.