Chichester City Council Suggested Car Free Day Initiative Should be Trialled as an Experiment

Chichester City Council Community Affairs Committee met on Monday 21st January 2019. For reasons that are still unclear to me the meeting minutes start at point 45. CAR FREE DAY was discussed as point 54. It would have been surprising if the Council had immediately committed to implement regular monthly Car Free Sundays. Indeed, it is a remarkable success that the  Council said they wish to trial the idea for a day! When this opportunity arises CFCC will do everything in it’s powers to make the day a success and then lobby for it to become a regular event after that.
Council Offices in North St

Below is an extract copied directly from the Council Minutes (the full minutes can be viewed here).

“54 CAR FREE DAY Council Minute 51 refers The Town Clerk advised that following the Council Meeting in December 2018, when this matter was raised by a member of the public, he had contacted West Sussex County Council and Chichester District Council and BID. The response from the Chief Executive of Chichester District Council, who had spoken to the County Council Chief Executive on this matter, was not supported. The view of BID was favourable. Members were disappointed with the response as the District Council’s ‘Chichester Vision’ document included alternative travelling methods and felt that it was the decision of District Council and County Council Members collectively, on whether such a scheme was viable. The Committee discussed the advantages and disadvantages of having a Car Free Day each month, on a Sunday, and suggested that such an initiative should be trialled for 1 day as an experiment. The Town Clerk was commended for the actions he had already taken and was asked to write again to the Leaders of Chichester District Council and West Sussex County Council suggesting a one day trial, on a Sunday, be considered.”

I see this as brilliant news and it now seems a Car Free Day in Chichester could  become (or is even likely to become) a reality in the near future!

Mark Record

Logo Competition Opens On 25th Jan

The Logo Competition Opens On 25th Jan

Competition Opening Photo

The Car Free Chichester Campaign want to trial a scheme inside the city walls one Sunday a month. Key aims of the campaign are to reduce pollution, make it more safe with fun places to walk and cycle by extending the heart of the city outwards and to help combat climate change. Original news story from the Chichester Post

Design Brief For Car Free Chichester Campaign Logo Competition

Emily Penny, Brand Consultant for Colourful Design Strategy ( has very kindly given CFCC some tips for successfully creating a brief for a community campaign. Emily’s ideas have been very helpful in considering what we want to achieve.

Car Free Chichester Campaign Logo Submissions

Dolly ( David Sciberras), a mature student at Chichester university studying Fine Art has kindly produced this artwork for our Campaign

The font I have chosen is called Sans Forgetica, created by RMIT (Royal Melbourne Information and Technology) which is scientifically proven to help the viewer to remember.
The font I have chosen is called Sans Forgetica, created by RMIT (Royal Melbourne Information and Technology) which is scientifically proven to help the viewer to remember.

A great aspect to this logo is it highlights emissions and pollution are the problem with motor vehicles.

Kenneth Dolman has submitted a range of possible Logos

Kenneth Dolman Leaf Shaped Logos
Kenneth Dolman Leaf Shaped Logos
Kenneth Dolman Walking Family Circular Logos
Kenneth Dolman Walking Family Circular Logos
Kenneth Dolman City walls and N S E W streets Logos
Kenneth Dolman City walls and N S E W streets Logos
Kenneth Dolman Exclamation mark Logos
Kenneth Dolman Exclamation mark Logos

The family group graphic feels like a strong counter to people asking why they should be denied motor car access to Chichester city centre.

The light coloured E in the first series is a playful lettering idea for Car(e) Free

Ken Wrote,
Hi, saw your article in the Chichester post and thought I’d have an attempt at some logos. What you see are first thoughts and could be developed and designed further, as well as exploring new colours and
of course different wording. I have tried to be a little ‘green'(healthy living) and also incorporate a walking’family'(mobility/community), rather than showing the negative side(cars/pollution). I’ve also used a circle and cross motif to imply the surrounding city wall and the four main streets(North, South, East and West Streets). Plus I’ve added a fourth design of a friendly exclamation mark (warning). Hope your meetings go well and hey, it’s a good idea to go car free one Sunday a month….why not? Regards,
Ken Dolman

Monty Toms was Quick Off the Mark with the First Submitted Logo

Monty Toms Quick off the Mark With First Submission
This logo is refreshingly direct and was completed before our meeting on the 28th.
Some members of our group are very keen advocates for sustainable transport use and enjoyed the militant feel of this graphic but we also worry it might make some car owners feel too personally excluded from their city.

Stella Wild has Submitted a Graphic Showing a Map of the City as a Globe Earth Shaped Logo

Stella Wild's Logo
She explains, “The design of a map or (a carbon footprint) highlights the message due to no cars, there is less pollution so being able to walk, cycle, plants to grow and build a happy and healthy community in the heart of Chichester. The outer blue circle signifies the world and so this campaign is part of helping to combat global warming.”

Is There Enough Parking Capacity Outside The City Walls?

The 20th of January was a bright sunny winters day so I decided to go into Chichester city to look at and photograph available spare car park capacity outside the city walls. This may help answer the question: Is there enough parking capacity outside the city walls to cater for redirected parking on Car Free Sundays?

The Multi-Storey Car Park is Virtually Empty on January Sundays!

I arrived at around 10:35 Am. When I arrived, there were few cars using the multistorey and a number of children were using the quiet top two decks to ride bicycles and scooters. I wanted to get their permission for a photo but the sight of a strange lone adult riding around the car-park on a bike caused them to look at me suspiciously and they quickly left .

Virtually Empty Top Deck of Multistorey
Virtually Empty Top Mid Deck of Multistorey
Virtually Empty Mid Deck Multistorey
Lower Deck of Multistorey was approximately Three Quarters Empty
It really was Notably Empty on the Top Deck
It was Notably Empty on the Top Deck
The Lower Mid Deck Was Very Quiet
The Lower Mid Deck Was Very Quiet
So few cars on the mid deck
So few cars on the mid deck

North St Car Park has Significant Spare Capacity

Plenty of Spare Capacity in North St Car Park

Market St Car Park was Heavily Used but still had Spare Spaces

Perhaps the successfully Sunday Car-boot sale and Market could be moved into the city on Car Free Sundays. This would free up space inside the market street car park. Vendors could purchase a ticket and arrive and depart at managed times to prevent pedestrian conflict with traffic.

Market St was busy but still had spaces
Market St. was busy but still had spaces

Comparison of Car Park Areas

The image below shows aerial images (taken from Bing Maps) of three car parks in Chichester, arranged together so that their areas can be easily compared. All three combined images are to the same scale. However the date on which the images were taken is not known.

Comparing Baffins Lane, Little London & Multistorey car-park size
On  days similar to this Sunday the 20th of January, the spare capacity on the top deck of the Multistorey carpark could by itself easily absorb cars redirected from both the Little London and Baffin’s Lane car parks. That would be the case even if both  Little London and Baffin’s Lane car parks were used to their full capacities, which they were not on the 20th January.


There may be variation in parking demand throughout the year. However in January there appears to ample parking capacity outside the city walls to cater for car-parks within the city walls to be closed on car free days. There is certainly enough spare capacity to absorb cars from Little London and Baffin’s Lane car parks. This could allow the ends of both East St and North St to be freed from traffic all the way up to the Hornet  Gyratory and Midhurst Roundabout.

Everyone can Enjoy a Monthly Car Free Sunday in Chichester!

On Wednesday 5th Dec 2018 at the city council meeting in North Street I raised a question. I asked if it would be possible to hold a day free from motor vehicles, within our city’s walls, on the first Sunday of each month. The idea appeared remarkably well received by the council. However even our councillors seem unsure how the idea could be progressed.

Climate change represents an immediate threat to humanity and we should all bear a responsibility to do all we can to move towards a more sustainable way of life. Organising a car free day in the centre of Chichester sounds like a challenging endeavour but represents only a single minute step towards avoiding climate catastrophe.

I believe there are great potential social benefits that we can realise if we free our streets of traffic. We could enjoy our streets as:

  • Family friendly spaces inclusive to those of all ages
  • Places that feel welcoming to disabled residents.
  • Arenas for street theatre
  • Stages for musical performance
  • Convenient places to sit outside patisseries and coffee shops
  • Bustling market areas
  • Clean air spaces

However, could even this modest aspiration for a car free day be realised in our culture so intensely dependent on fossil fuel and motor vehicle use? To be honest I don’t know! So I’m going to recruit all the help I can from our local community! I am hoping to make this website interactive so our community can use it to share ideas. I also intend to campaign on our cities streets to encourage support for this idea.

So watch this space for upcoming ideas and opportunities to get involved. Together we can make something big happen in our city and we may enjoy a lot of fun as we achieve it.