Plans for the 2019 Event


We now have been granted a street order so we will be closing South Street to motor vehicle traffic on a Playing out street order. We only had this agreed with Chichester District Council on the 23rd August so it is unlikely we will have time to fully update this page before the event. When reading the rest of the text, bear in mind that holding theis event in Chichester on International Car Free Day has now become a reality.

End of Update and back to original text.

Chichester Car Free Day campaigners are planning a small scale three hour event in Chichester on International Car Free Day on the 22nd of September 2019. Our intention is to arrange a “playing out order” for South St. so that people, especialy children, can enjoy a mini street festival on International Car Free Day. We are planning to stage the event between Midday and 3:00pm.

Our first objective is to get Schools and Youth groups on board and then apply to our local authorities for permission. Fortunately, supporting a Car Free Day provides our authorities a way of promoting “ways in which residents and businesses can contribute to mitigate climate change”. This is an objective we passionately share with our County Council who unanimously agreed on supporting this as part of the landmark Climate Motion on the 5th April 2019. Also our District Council state “We must act now to reduce traffic, encourage better lifestyle choices for our citizens and become a greener, better connected city where the needs of all generations are catered for. We need to challenge the ‘car is king’ mindset” This commitment is included in the Chichester Tomorrow, A Vision for Chichester City Centre published by our District Council. We feel a City Car Free event is the ideal opportunity to combine both these aims towards making Chichester a cleaner greener city that everyone loves to visit.