Police Closure Decision

Hello Mr Record,
Thank you for your e-mail.
I have just spoken to Inspector (name removed for privacy) and have an understanding of the objections that have been raised.
The objections appear to centre upon concerns that the original plan for a ‘play street’ have evolved into a larger event which was not specified in the application.
My understanding is that the Highways have therefore withdrawn support for the event because of concerns that the previously authorised road closures may no longer be deemed to be legal.
The ‘threats’ appear to relate to some recent social media posts which have indicated that a small number of motorists may decide to ignore the road closures.
If that did occur it would both give rise to a public safety issue and test the validity of the road closures.
These concerns have led to the recommendation that support for the event was withdrawn which has been agreed by all involved agencies.
Sergeant (name removed for privacy)

The Playing Out on Car Free Sunday Chichester Campaign would like to discuss this decision but at the time of writing 07:14am 14th Sep there has been no consultation about this decision put in place by either the District Council or West Sussex Police.

CDC have revoked the order

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