Proposal for an Open Streets Event in Year 2020

The Chichester Open Streets Campaign (COSC) propose holding an Open Streets event on Sunday evening 12th July 2020 marking the close of the Festival of Chichester.

The COSC is a local community group who wish to promote walking, cycling and public transport as healthier and cleaner modes of transport in our City. We support many of the initiatives outlined in the Chichester Vision Document and would like to help trial a few of these ideas during Open Streets events. Our group were previously named the Car Free Chichester Campaign.

COSC are joining the Open Streets Project who inspired Edinburgh Paris, Bogota, New York and many other cities to hold events prioritising humans over and above motor vehicle traffic.

Activities planed for inclusion in Chichester’s 12th July 2020 Open Street Event:

  • Art-creating activities for young and old alike (for example painting, chalk street drawings and paper lantern making)
  • Parked Stagecoach bus promoting public transport
  • Sustrans members encouraging adoption of active travel and servicing bicycles
  • Music performances using acoustic instruments or instruments powered by static exercise bike
  • Procession of bicycle light powered paper lanterns promoting the use of illumination for cyclist and pedestrian safety at night
  • Street theatre
  • Plants and greenery on the street

To avoid potential conflict with business and to allow for the event to coincide with a period of twilight for a lantern procession, the initial plans for the event are for it to run between 6:30pm and 9:30pm. Twilight will start at around 9:13pm allowing for a lantern procession at the end of the event. Ideally a street order to manage traffic will be obtained allowing ½ an hour to set up and pack away equipment at the beginning and end of the event. This would require a street order to be in place between 6:00pm and10:00pm.

More details of the 2020 open streets proposal are available here.

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