Chichester Car Free Day Campaign has now merged with Transition Chichester

Transition Chichester is a group of forward thinking people, keen to promote and embrace change which helps create a sustainable local environment and a more resilient community. You can find out much more about the organisation from the Transition Chichester website

Members of the Chichester Car Free Campaign have been ambitious and eager to see a greener cleaner city with greater opportunity for and uptake of sustainable transport. However we quickly realised we had been too ambitious and taken on slightly more than we could realistically manage. Transition Chichester have come to our rescue and been a fantastic help in keeping our project on track. Jan and Julia Sander have been particularly supportive. With our new combined team we are now happily striding together towards what looks likely to be a hugely successful Car Free Day event.

2 thoughts on “Chichester Car Free Day Campaign has now merged with Transition Chichester”

  1. Well done to everyone who has made this possible. Imagine all those lovely cafes opening specially that Sunday. Imagine being able to see children playing in the street safely. Imagine being able to breath fresh. It is going to be a great success.

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